New Classes Starting March 25, 2024
I am happy to announce new in-person and online workshops starting the week of March 25. I will be offering 2 sections of my outdoor photography workshop in the Princeton area, and 2 online photo editing workshops: Introduction to Lightroom Classic and Advanced Lightroom Classic.
Please see the detailed descriptions below and use the following form to register. Note that each class is limited to six participants to ensure an optimal learning experience.
I welcome any questions that you may have. Click on the envelope icon above to send me an email.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Thank you!
Introduction to Lightroom Classic (online via Zoom)
5 Mondays, March 25 - April 22, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
This course introduces the key features of Adobe’s popular professional photo editing program, Lightroom Classic. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn to import, review, adjust, correct, and enhance your photos, and to organize your photo library.
Specifically, you will learn to:
•  Work with catalogs, folders, and collections to organize your photos
•  Make basic corrections, such as: white balance, exposure, and tonal adjustments
•  Use advanced masking and spot healing tools
•  Crop, straighten, and transform perspective
•  Sharpen and reduce noise
•  Export and print
Includes FIVE 90-minute classes for $225, limited to a maximum of SIX (6) students.

Advanced Lightroom Classic (online via Zoom)
5 Tuesdays, March 26 - April 23, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
This advanced workshop focuses on applying the principles of visual design and composition using the powerful editing capabilities of Adobe Lightroom Classic.
The goal of this workshop is to help you realize your artistic vision and to create stunning images.  During each class, we will work on your photos, identifying creative possibilities and making impactful editing choices.
This workshop is designed for photographers who have a strong working knowledge of Lightroom Classic, the equivalent of completing the Introduction to Lightroom Classic course.  The principles of visual design and composition will be covered within the context of editing.
Includes FIVE 90-minute classes for $225, limited to a maximum of SIX (6) students.
Taking Great Photos (in-person)
Section A:  5 Fridays, March 29 - April 26, 4:30 - 6:00 pm
Section B:  5 Saturdays, March 30 - April 27, 4:30 - 6:00 pm
These interactive, outdoor workshops will explore a variety of photography topics and genres (landscape, nature, architecture, abstract, flower and macro).  We will meet in a different location each week, all in and around Princeton.
In each class, you will receive both group and personalized one-on-one instruction on topics such as:
•  understanding and using the exposure triangle (shutter speed, ISO, aperture)
•  strengthening your ability to see and capture light and shadows
•  applying the principles of visual design and composition
•  working with color and color harmonies
•  exploring the creative possibilities of black & white photography
•  making the most of weather and atmospheric conditions
•  choosing the best lens focal length and depth of field
•  using advanced techniques, such as long exposure, double exposure, in-camera motion, panorama, bracketing, and focus-stacking
This workshop will help you feel more confident with your camera, enhance your enjoyment of photography and, of course, make even better photos!
Includes FIVE 90-minute classes for $225, limited to a maximum of SIX (6) students.
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